The Look and Feel of Freedom

Today’s freedom shot…a peaceful morning of sipping coffee, listening to some music, and enjoying a gentle “good morning mom” nudge from this sweet old girl.

Long gone, are the days of blaring alarm clocks, speedy showers, biz casual attire, and the daily commute…and I couldn’t be happier!

What would YOUR ideal morning look like if you were free to choose?


The Power of Simplicity

In this season of holiday celebrating, it’s SO easy to get caught up in the world’s game of MORE…. more decorations, more food, more gifts, more comparison, more longing, more more more more…..I encourage you to focus on SIMPLICITY. Simplicity in life and business.

What would keeping it simple look like for your life? Simple but sweet holiday decorations? Fewer, but meaningful and thoughtful, gifts under the tree? Serving the big family dinner on paper plates? Wearing something to the party that you already have in the closet instead of giving in to the feeling that you need something new? Taking the time to BREATHE and stretch and relax instead of giving in to the compulsion to GO. BE. DO. MORE.?

What would Simplicity look like for your business? Sticking to the systems that work? Focusing on serving and blessing your community and customers instead of growing, growing, growing that bottomline? Refusing to compare your journey to others’? Reminding yourself of your values and goals, and pouring yourself into that instead of competition?

The holiday season is like a magnifying glass….it tends to make everything seem a bit bigger and more stressful than it really is. Shift the focus of that magnifying glass, friends. Choose to highlight and celebrate the abundance and joy in your life instead of the lack….instead of the marketing machine’s incessant song of “you are inferior unless you buy this stuff….be this stylish….be this good at decorating….be this generous…..look this way….feel this way… this way….”

YOU are enough.
YOU have enough.
YOU are seen.
YOU are loved and good and precious.
YOU have a hope and a future.

Soak these truths in. Let them flow out of you through your beautiful, human, cracks of imperfection…and in to those around you. Keep it simple <3