Wholeness. What do you think of when you speak that word? Do you think “Yes, that’s me”, or do you think “Oh, I wish…”? A sense of fulfillment….wholeness….is part of what naturally comes as you step in to living your calling. I WANT that for you!

In fact, you will become so comfortable in your own skin, that others will notice. They’ll ask you what’s different….”did you change your hair?”….”have you been working out?” haha! But the ones who really know you heart and soul will just KNOW….this is something my husband said to me after I’d been working as an entrepreneur for less than a year, and he couldn’t have been more spot-on: 


I wasn’t making life-changing money yet. I wasn’t yet the leader I wanted to be. But I had a clear sense of purpose and passion. I was excited to tackle each day. I had an unshakable belief that this entrepreneurial vehicle would get me where I wanted to be. Hope is a powerful thing, friends! My wholeness came from the hope and anticipation and excitement of the JOURNEY….not from having arrived (I’m still working on that).

What would bring you a sense of wholeness? What do you dream of doing? Do you have a clear path forward toward living your calling each and every day?

You deserve to be FREE to live your God-given calling, friends…..You deserve to be whole.  


To Impress or Bless?

untitled-designHave you ever noticed how SMALL you feel when you try to impress…..but how BIG you feel when your goal is to bless? That’s a major clue to the purpose for which you were designed!

We are perfectly designed to be giving creatures. You have a specific and unique combination of passions, talents, and timing. You are HERE, NOW, and just the way YOU ARE for a reason….to do your work….to live your Calling. What a shame if your Calling is wasted because you’ve believed the lie that your job is to impress! 

Don’t worry about how the world might perceive you today — you’ll never win that battle. What you CAN do is look for ways to bless others with who you are….and who you are is not only enough….who you are is PERFECTLY SUITED to the job that God has for you today. Go forward into this new week with the confidence that can only come with Him at your side! oxox



Hello!  I’m excited to connect with you and to help you GET FREE so you can live a live centered around your God-given calling.  Is there any more important and sacred work to be done than to pursue the passionate & authentic life you were created for?!

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